Black Triangles

What are the Black Triangles?

‘Black triangles’ are small gaps that can form in between your teeth and gumline. Their clinical name is the less catchy ‘open gingival embrasures’. They generally affect the front teeth and are caused by a lack of gum tissue. Because teeth taper towards the root, the resulting gaps are often triangle shaped.


What are the causes of Black Triangles?

Black triangles are usually caused by gum recession. Our gums recede as we get older or they recede pathologically owing to periodontal disease. The Black Triangles can also be the outcome of an orthodontic treatment of overlapped incisors.

What are the treatment options for the black triangles?

Because black triangles are mainly caused by a loss of soft tissues (gum) – particularly that part of gum that is called “interdental papilla” – the ideal treatment should be the regeneration of this part of the gum. Sadly, at the moment and at the state of art, we have no techniques able to recover the interdental papilla. Thus, the available treatments are mainly based on reshaping the tooth, in order to fill the black space:

  1. Ceramic Veneers or Crowns
  2. Bioclear Approach with composite material

What are the benefits of the Bioclear Approach?

The Bioclear approach, ideated by Dr. David Clark, is a pure additive approach. Until recently, dentists repaired “black triangles” and gaps with porcelain veneers or crowns, that were “subtractive procedures”: the dentist remove part of the dental structure for creating space for the ceramic veneers o crown. With BioClear, the natural tooth can be wholly preserved: there is no additional loss of dental structure. The BioClear technique achieves aesthetics goals in a healthy way, using addition instead of amputation.

The other advantages of the Bioclear, respect to the veneers-crowns, are the cost (the approach is less expensive) and the time (the dentist need just one appointment)

Dr. Pasquale Venuti has been trained at the BioClear Learning Center in Tacoma Washington and is fully certified in this technique.

What is the Bioclear Approach?

Bioclear approach uses special Mylar Matrices for reshaping the tooth. They can be inserted without removing dental structure. In between the space the matrix and the tooth, the dentist with adhesive technique inject the composite material. 

Where can I get his kind of treatment?

Studio Dentistico dott. Pasquale Venuti, Mirabella Eclano (AV)      tel. (+39) 0825 438471

Studio Dentistico  dott. Fabiana Persichetti,  Roma (RM)                  tel. (+39) 06 808 5220


It will follow a clinical case of black triangles treated according to the Bioclear Approach.